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MediKids PSRA Accredited Programme FAQs

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Get your full 5 hours to meet your 2019 PSRA CPD compliance requirement. 
You must bring your PSRA licence number on the day. 
Events are for PSRA license holders only.

When will I get my certificate?  

You will receive your PSRA certificate of compliance within 7 working days of the event taking place.

Will the PSRA Seminars be broadcast live? 

No, you have the option to attend the full 5 hours in person,or you may choose to attend 3 hours in person and complete the remaining 2 hours of the course online. Please email [email protected] if you would like to complete part of the course online.

How many hours do I get if I attend? 

Completing the full course will award you 5 hours, and you will be compliant with the PSRA requirements for PSP licence holders.

How many hours do I need per year as PSP Licence Holder? 

The PSRA requires all PSP Licence Holders to achieve 5 hours of mandatory CPD Points throughout the year (Effective from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019).

I have done 8 hours of CPD will these count for the PSRA? 

Please be aware that you cannot use CPD Points earned from attending other CPD courses ran by the MediKids or other bodies to meet your PSRA requirements. You must attend a PSRA accredited CPD course to satisfy the PSRA CPD requirements.

If I can’t attend the PSRA Seminar in person, how else do I get my hours?

The PSRA requires all PSP Licence Holders to complete 5 hours of mandatory CPD course in a year. You may split those hours by choosing to complete 3 hours in person and the remaining 2 hours online. Please refer to our full schedule of PSRA accredited courses above, and if you wish to complete 2 hours online, please email [email protected] 


Can I use my PSRA CPD hours to contribute to my 20 hours of CPD required as an MediKids member?

The PSRA CPD mandatory 5 hours do account towards your 20 hours required by all MediKids members. You must complete the additional 15 hours required by the MediKids to be fully compliant with MediKids standards. All attendees after each PSRA seminar will be emailed the presentations within 3 working days.

Do I need to update my own CPD record or will the MediKids update my CPD record for me? 

The MediKids will record your CPD hours for MediKids members within 7 working days of the event taking place. Please ensure you sign in and out of the event on the day the MediKids have an accurate record of your attendance.

How do I register for a PSRA CPD Course? 

You can register at the links at the top of this page. If you are having any issues with registering, please email [email protected] for assistance. 

Do I need to email the MediKids to confirm my attendance? 

If you registered online you will receive an email confirming your attendance. If you have registered online and did not receive email confirmation, please email [email protected] for assistance.

I was delayed and missed the start of the CPD, how do I make up that hour? 

If you are late beyond 10 minutes after the start time of the each seminar, you can still listen to the seminar, but you will not receive the CPD hour for that seminar. You must complete this seminar in person or online to be compliant.

I did not register for the PSRA CPD Course, can I turn up on the day? 

No, as this is a pre-registered event, it is strongly advised that your register for your chosen PSRA CPD course in advance. We cannot guarantee you a place if you turn up on the day. 


Can I pay for my PSRA CPD Course by cash or cheque? 

All payment for PSRA CPD Courses can be made online by debit or credit card. We are unable to accept cash or cheques as payment methods. If you are having a problem with making a payment online, please email [email protected]

Why do I need to check in and check out at the PSRA CPD Course? 

To track attendance for each seminar, it is important that you check in and out throughout the day. This is a requirement of the PSRA. Failure to check in and check out means that we cannot issue you a certificate of completion which is required by the PSRA as proof of your attendance.

What topics will be covered in the PSRA CPD Course Programme? 

The 5 mandatory topics that will be covered in the programme are: Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Management, GDPR, Owner Management Company & Agent Relationship, Property Services Act. These are set by the PSRA, the MediKids are unable amend or change topics. To be fully compliant, you must attend all 5 topics.

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