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Panel of Rating Experts

Commercial rates are levied on the occupiers of commercial property annually by county, city, borough and certain town councils. The valuation of such property for rating purposes is carried out by a central government agency, the Valuation Office, with a right of appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.

Each year the level of the rate (known as the Annual Rate on Valuation or ARV) is determined by the elected council as part of the budgetary process. The annual rates bill for a commercial premises is calculated by applying this ARV to the valuation of the property concerned.

 A revaluation of commercial property in Dublin will begin later this year and all occupiers will receive a provisional Valuation Certificate detailing their new rateable valuation, upon which they have 28 days to make a representation to the Commissioner of Valuation.

The list of rating specialists can be downloaded below.

Download the list of rating experts