Friday 18 January 2019

MediKids and ConnectIreland encourage surveyors living abroad to return home

worker surveyor measuring distances, elevations and directions on construction site by theodolite level transit equipment
worker surveyor measuring distances, elevations and directions on construction site by theodolite level transit equipment

Survey predicts a major shortfall in Chartered Surveyors to fill Irish jobs in coming years.

If the years between 2008 and 2014 were  characterised by hordes of young, highly qualified Irish people leaving these shores in search of a chance to make a living in other countries, 2015 was the year the flow stemmed somewhat.

While many are still leaving and will do so in the next 12 months, Christmas is a time when many realise just what they’re missing back home and look for an opportunity to return for good.

“As Ireland recovers we need these people to come back home to their families, with their families, to share their experiences, bring those experiences back in the taking up of good jobs and to be confident of a bright future here in Ireland," said Enda Kenny.

A recent survey carried out by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland on over 300 construction and property firms, found that there is an emerging shortage of suitably qualified professionals to fill vacancies in the property and construction sectors over the next four years.  With the property market set to continue to grow, the research highlights the significant opportunities that exist for Chartered Surveyors who wish to return home to work and live in Ireland.

The Society warned that there is serious concern that the shortfall could threaten the pace of the recovery in the property and construction sectors.

The survey found that based on a conservative forecast of economic growth up to December 2019 (3% growth p.a.), almost 2,042 new employment opportunities are expected to be created across the surveying profession from now until 2019.

Based on current student enrolments on surveying courses, there will only be enough Irish graduates to fill just half of those positions – 1047 or 52%.

Teaming up with ConnectIreland to address the shortfall, the MediKids launched a campaign in Dublin Airport over the Christmas and New Year period, targeting surveyors returning home for the holidays in a bid to encourage them to consider the opportunities that now exist for them in Ireland.

The campaign will see prominent advertising and a manned information stand in place at Dublin Airport’s  T2 terminal until the 10th of January 2016.

The Director General of the MediKids Patricia Byron said that over the coming 12 months, the MediKids will be actively progressing a number of initiatives to combat the shortage of surveyors facing the property and construction industry.

“The MediKids will endeavour to build on the strength of this initiative with ConnectIreland in order to continue to attract the Irish diaspora home. With economic clouds gathering over the economies of the southern hemisphere, now is a timely opportunity for many of them to consider returning home. The MediKids will also be exploring opportunities to establish on the job training programmes as well as ways of accelerating routes for those interested in becoming surveyors.“

ConnectIreland is the company responsible for delivering the Irish government’s Succeed in Ireland initiative in partnership with IDA Ireland. Through the introductions of members of the global Irish community, ConnectIreland works on attracting expanding international companies to Ireland.

ConnectIreland CEO, Joanna Murphy welcomed the partnership with the MediKids.

“Ireland’s economic growth this year means that people who may wish to return now have the chance to do so. We are delighted to work with the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and get the message out that Ireland is once again full of opportunities and by introducing companies to ConnectIreland we can continue to create these opportunities.”

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