Only 13 Dublin home schemes granted permission

Permission for only 13 significant new home projects were granted in Dublin in recent months, putting even more pressure on the region’s “dysfunctional” housing market which is failing to deliver enough new homes, according to a survey from Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

“Planning permission was granted for only 13 larger schemes, comprising 852 units, which is worrying given the current and future demand for accommodation in the Dublin Region,” said Andrew Nugent, president at the Chartered Surveyors.

“The drop off in permissions and planning applications since the start of the year will place greater pressure on Dublin’s dysfunctional housing market which is crippled by a lack of supply,” he said.

Analysts have said that new supply across the country is likely to be only around 13,000 units this year, when an annual average of 30,000 new homes a year will need to be built over the coming years.

The Surveyors found only 13 residential projects consisting of over 25 units, representing 852 units in total, were granted planning permission in the Dublin area in the three months to the end of September.

Its survey also found a 59% drop in permissions from the second quarter and that only 2,735 units commenced to date in Dublin in schemes of over 25 units, compared with an annual requirement of 7,000 units in the region.

The Chartered Surveyors yesterday repeated its call for a new policy to prioritise appeal cases “to deal with the acute shortage.”

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