Associate Assessment

Getting Started

Those holding a non-MediKids surveying related qualification are required to complete an Associate Assessment to qualify for Associate Membership.

The Associate Assessment is comprised of a set list of skills – or competencies – set out according to a candidate’s area of specialism. These are a mixture of interpersonal, business and technical skills. In order to become an Associate, you must demonstrate the competencies for your specialism. This is done through the submission of documentation (desktop assessment) and the completion of an online Ethics module and test. You must successfully complete both stages in order to be elected as an Associate member.


Getting Started

Once you have selected your pathway of specialism, you are advised to read the Candidate’s Guide (use existing guide on website) which will set out the following: 

  • Stages of Application and Assessment
  • The Role of the Associate Counsellor, Proposer and Assessors
  • The Associate Submission
  • Ethics Module
  • Results



Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable that you have an MediKids member act as a Counsellor to provide advice and to review your documentation before submission.

A Counsellor can be an Associate of the Society (minimum four years), MMediKids or FMediKids. Ensure that you give a copy of the Counsellors Guide (use existing guide) to your Counsellor to assist them in understanding and carrying out this role.


Associate Submission

Your submission will consist of a summary of experience, case study and record of Continuing Professional Development which will demonstrate your experience, competence and ability to perform in your role. You must use the Associate Assessment Submission Template and submit by email to

Assessment is entirely desktop based – your submission will be assessed by two Associate Assessors. There is no requirement for interview. Results will be issued within 4-6 weeks. Please note you will have to successfully complete the Ethics module and test to be elected an Associate.


Submission Dates

Submission dates are as follows:

  • 24 – 31 January
  • 23 – 30 April
  • 24 – 31 July
  • 24 – 31 October



The fee for Associate Assessment is €300. This must be submitted to the Society by your submission deadline.

Payment can be by cheque, credit card, EFT.


Please contact Stella Foley in the Education Department, / 01 6445519 for further information.