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Eminent Professional Route

Eminent Professional Membership of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is a category of membership that is appropriate to senior industry figures whose standing is beyond question and for whom any form of test or assessment of their abilities is judged completely superfluous.


First, nominees should be such as to be judged self-evidently “out of the ordinary” by any normal peer assessment. Normally, such persons have “exceptional standing and experience” as a surveyor.

Examples could include the national (or large regional) head of an international surveying, real estate or construction consultancy, a senior government official, a prominent developer, or someone holding a senior property-related position in a major bank or other financial institution. However a distinction should be made between an individual who manages surveyors, for example the Head of Land Registry, and individuals who work closely with the surveying profession but are not surveyors themselves nor manage surveyors, for example a leading real estate lawyer, who could be deemed more suitable for Honorary Membership.

Secondly, it is expected that anyone admitted to the Society under this process should contribute something to the aims and objectives of the Society.

This could take many forms — for example, speaking at or otherwise supporting the Society's educational events or partner universities, encouraging more junior staff colleagues to join the Society, acting as a Society spokesman, or using their influence with governments or the media in support of the Society's policies.


“Eminent professionals” can be sponsored from any part of the Society's Professional Group structure.

The sponsor must produce a CV/resume of the intended member, demonstrating the level of seniority he/she has reached within the property community, by reference to positions held and/or academic distinctions achieved. It will be expected that the person being put forward has reached a promoted position of seniority and responsibility which can be equated with being recognised as a leader within their chosen skill or discipline, in their country or region.

The sponsor must indicate the role the nominee has played or is willing to play in the development of the Society.

All nominations require to be counter-signed by four existing Society Fellows and placed before the Society of Chartered Surveyors Council.