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Getting Referred

Being referred at Final Assessment is a disappointing experience but there is no reason for you not to pass on re-assessment — so long as you address the reasons for your referral and ensure you are prepared for your second attempt.

All candidates who are unsuccessful at Final Assessment receive a detailed referral report which explains the reasons for referral and advises on the action you must take in order to be successful at re-assessment.

In addition, your counsellor will subsequently receive a copy of your referral report.

Once you receive and read the report, you should arrange to sit down with your counsellor and discuss the panel’s comments. First, ensure that you understand the reasons for your referral and the advice that you are being given. Agree with your counsellor the steps that you will take to address the issues. Complete the forward plan of the Referred Candidate’s Record.

You can come forward at the next sitting of the Final Assessments — but you must ensure that you have adequately addressed the issues outlined in the referral report and your counsellor must be happy to sign you off as being ready for re-assessment.

When you are ready to resubmit for Final Assessment, complete the summary of the Referred Candidate’s Record, which will help you checklist all of the issues that you were required to address.

The main reason that candidates are referred more than once is that they have not taken on board the comments provided in their referral report. The panel at your second Final Assessment will focus on the previous report and will, in the first instance, be seeking — through the documentation and your answers at interview — to ascertain that you have addressed the issues. They will also assess you in general with regard to your competencies, PQSL and Ethics.