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Final Assessment Submission

It is important to remember that the Final Assessment is a 2-part process — submission of documentation and a one-hour interview. You will be assessed with regard to both.

Documentation is not prepared in examination conditions, so it is important to ensure that your submission is professional in terms of presentation and content. It should be prepared with the same forethought, care and perfectionism as a report that would be sent to a prospective client. Chartered Surveyors are expected to possess communication skills and attention to detail — and assessors will be mindful of this.

A well-presented submission demonstrates that you are professional — and that you take seriously the process of Final Assessment. Give yourself the opportunity to make a good first impression.  It is highly recommended that you carefully proof read your documents to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.  You should also ensure that you have adhered to the required word-count.

All documentation should be presented in folders, each with clearly marked dividers and a contents page.

Please ensure that your submission is complete before sending it to the Education and Membership Department. Incomplete documentation will be returned and you will be ineligible to sit Final Assessment until the next sitting.

Once your documentation has been submitted and approved, you can not change your interview date.  Candidates who withdraw from the process at this stage will be required to re-apply for their interview and pay all fees required with their new application.