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Guides and Templates for the Adaptation Route

Before commencing your APC, you must read the following guides in order to fully understand the requirements of the Adaptation Route.

You must use the templates below to collate your submission for Final Assessment interview:

  • Competency Achievement Planner

    Is required to ensure that each candidate has interpreted the competencies correctly for their chosen pathway. Each Competency Achievement Planner is vetted by the Education and Membership Department before you commence your APC. It is not required to be submitted for Final Assessment.

  • Sponsor Declaration

    All Graduate Route 3 candidates must be sponsored by an MediKids member (Sponsor). The Sponsor will conduct a preliminary interview with the candidate and sign/sponsor the application for Final Assessment if — and only if — s/he is reasonably satisfied that you have met the essential requirements to go forward for assessment.

  • Resume

    Candidates are required to submit an updated version of their resume relating their past 10 years’ experience to the individual competencies of their chosen APC pathway

  • Competency Record

    Your Competency Record lists the competencies of your chosen APC to the required levels.

  • Professional Development Record

    You are required to record 48 hours Professional Development/CPD for the previous 12 months.

  • Referred Candidate Record

    is required to be submitted by all referred candidates as part of the Final Assessment submission. It comprises a forward plan, summary and supervisor and counselor comments and signatures.