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APC Where to Start

At the outset of your APC, you will need to select your pathway and the competencies that make up your chosen pathway.

For those on Graduate Routes 1 and 2 or the Professioanl Reoute, you will need to appoint a supervisor and counselor, who will assist you in this selection.

Your Supervisor will normally be (but does necessarily not have to be) a Chartered Surveyor appointed at your workplace. This can be your direct manager or someone that is very familiar with your work. They will perhaps be the person responsible for giving you guidance on your training and day-to-day work.

Your Counselor must be a Chartered Surveyor within your practice area but they do not necessarily have to work with you.

Your Supervisor and Counselor can be one and the same person.

Your Counselor must be a Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland trained counselor — ie, they must have attended the Society 1-hour Counselor Training that is run nationwide throughout the year.

Choosing your competencies

The APC aims to assess that you are competent to carry out the work of a qualified surveyor.

To be competent is to have the skill or ability to perform a task and functions.

The APC competencies are diverse, and include the technical, business, financial, personal and interpersonal skills required to practice in your chosen pathway.

You must fulfill the competencies specified for your particular route. The competencies have three levels:

  • Level 1 — Knowledge and understanding

  • Level 2 — Application of knowledge and understanding

  • Level 3 — Reasoned advice and depth of technical knowledge

Mandatory competencies

These competencies are a mix of professional practice, interpersonal, business and management skills that are considered necessary for all surveyors, regardless of the division in which they practice. They are compulsory for all surveyors undertaking the APC.

Core and Optional competencies

For each route, specific technical competencies must be achieved. These are divided into core and optional competencies. For each APC route these competencies are defined and explained in the Requirements and Competencies Guide.

The core competencies are the core activities of those practicing within a practice area and must be achieved to the set levels indicated the Requirements and Competencies Guide.

There is an element of choice with regard to the optional competencies. However, your choice of optional competencies will reflect the work that you do in your day-to-day environment. Your supervisor and counselor should be able to advise you on your competency selection. Your choice of optional competencies may alter as your training develops to reflect any changes in your working circumstances.