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APC Objectives

The APC requires that your recorded training and experience is structured to make sure you achieve the competencies as set out by the Society. You will need to achieve extra knowledge, reinforcing your practical experience, to achieve these competencies.

The objective of the APC is to ensure that candidates have the ability to put their knowledge and understanding into practice to meet the expectations of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland competency requirements and professional standards.

The Society will decide if you meet its requirements to become a Chartered Surveyor by checking that you:

  • Have learned to apply your theoretical knowledge through professional training and experience to gain practical skills

  • Have achieved a satisfactory level of understanding and application of skills that form an essential part of the knowledge base of the specialism of your choice

  • Are accurate and pay attention to detail so that you safeguard the interests of employers and clients

  • Can communicate effectively — verbally, in writing and graphically — and prepare reports that are well structured and correct

  • Act in accordance to the Society’s rules of conduct, possess the highest level of professional integrity and objectivity, and recognise your duties to clients, employers and the community

You must also demonstrate that you:

  • Are aware of the professional and commercial implications of your work

  • Understand your clients’ and employer’s objectives

  • Have an up to date and developing knowledge of legal and technical matters relevant to the work you do and the law

  • Are able to play a role in a team and build up experience in client contact

  • Are aware of general economic principles

  • Have confidence to work unsupervised

  • Have motivation, initiative and administrative abilities