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September 2015


I plan on constructing a new property next door to my current home. Currently there are two garages next door to my home. I plan on demolishing these garages. Do I need planning permission to demolish these garages?


Planning permission is required for all developments, including demolition, unless it is ‘exempt development’. The demolition of garages within the curtilage of a house would generally not require planning permission as it would be considered an exempt development under Class 50, Schedule 2 of the planning and development regulations. However, one should be careful in relation to this, as certain restrictions apply.

Firstly, the garage or garages should not abut another building in separate ownership and secondly, the total floor area of the garages should not exceed 40sq m. In this particular case, it may be worth including the demolition of the garages within the planning application for the new house. By doing so, the developer should have peace of mind knowing that there could be no question of unauthorised development.

Andrew O’Gorman is a chartered building surveyor and planning and development surveyor and a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.