My neighbour wants me to cut back my trees as they are interfering with his satellite TV service

June 2013


My neighbour has asked me to cut back trees in my garden because he says it’s affecting his satellite TV service. I would prefer not to have to go to such expense and inconvenience, is there any compulsion on me to do this?


Leaves from trees can block the signal from an orbiting satellite getting to a TV satellite dish, reducing the quality of the TV service. This situation can get worse during the summer season when leaves are in full growth.

Understandably this must be very frustrating for your neighbour. One option for your neighbours to consider would be to change the position of the satellite dish so that the signal is not obscured by trees any more.

How feasible this is depends on whether or not there is a suitable alternative location.

Another solution could be to cut back your trees as suggested by your neighbour to ensure a clear satellite signal.

You are not required to do this because in Ireland there are no restrictions on tree or hedge height along property boundaries. A tree owner is not obliged to cut trees back unless they are deemed dangerous. Your neighbour does have the right to trim back the overhanging branches of your trees to the boundary line. These branch trimmings remain your property so your neighbour must offer to return them to you.