My family is relocating to Dublin

June 2013


I am being relocated, for work purposes, to Ireland and plan to move to Dublin next month with my wife and two children. We hope to rent a three-or four-bedroom house on the northside of the city. What is the average rent a month and could you please advise me of what documentation/information I will need to give the estate agent or landlord?


In terms of determining the average cost of a house, I suggest that you visit one of the property websites, such as or to source a house for rent.

The average rent will be determined by the area in north Dublin that you wish to live in and there is some variance there.

On average, you could be looking at anywhere in the region from €1,200 to €1,400 per calendar month depending on the property and location.

You should also look at the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB). The online index is populated by Central Statistics Office (CSO) data of actual rent achieved by properties registered with the PRTB which allows for factual benchmarking and is expected to be updated each quarter.

Arrange to view several properties that you like and be ready to make a decision there and then if you find a suitable home. There are many people who still wish to rent in the current environment and there is always healthy competition for good quality family homes in the Dublin suburbs.

Usually a work reference and previous landlord reference are required. Your company should be able to provide this for you. You will also need a Personal Public Service number (PPS) which your employer will also be able to provide.

A valid passport will be a suitable proof of identity. You will be asked for a deposit and one month’s rent and to sign a lease on moving in.

If you are dealing with a letting agent you should ensure that they are licensed by the Property Services Regulatory Authority before giving a deposit. You should review the lease agreement carefully.

You will also be registered with the PRTB and you should visit for more information on renting in Ireland.

Paul Huberman is a member of the property and facilities management group of MediKids.