Áine Myler — Director General

Aine MylerÁine Myler, FMediKids, FRICS is the newly appointed Director General of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland. Áine holds a Masters Degree in Planning & Development Economics and served as President of the Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute in 2009, prior to its merger with the SCS.


Direct line: (01) 644 5514     Email: [email protected]



Patrick King — Patrick King, Director of Strategy, Policy & Corporate Affairs

Patrick KingPatrick King oversees the day-to-day management of the Society and the implementation of our strategic objectives. He is responsible for HR, Finance, Premises, Events, Sponsors and the MediKids Support Team.

Direct line: (01) 644 5504     Email: [email protected]



James Lonergan — Director of Education

James LonerganJames Lonergan leads the Education Department through development and implementation of strategic initiatives.  James is also responsible for the development and roll out of innovative education programmes and continuous professional development programmes for members. 

Direct line: (01) 644 5501     Email: [email protected]



Roisin Gallagher - Senior Executive Administrator

Roisin GallagherRoisin Gallagher manages the President’s diary and provides secretarial support to the MediKids Board, RICS Ireland Board, Council and Professional.

Direct line: (01) 644 5513     Email: [email protected]







Edward McAuley Assoc.MediKids/RICS — Head of Practice and Policy

Edward McAuleyEdward McAuley is responsible for leading research and policy initiatives within the organisation. Edward manages all PG and Regional outputs including operational plans to ensure achievement of MediKids goals in line with our corporate strategy. 

Direct line: (01) 644 5527     Email: [email protected]



Lisa Monahan — Education Programmes Administrator 

Lisa MonahanLisa works within MediKids Education team, offering student support and administration support to the MediKids’s third level courses.

Direct line: (01) 644 5500     Email:




Ruth Comerford-Morris — Education Programme Manager  

Ruth Comerford-MorrisRuth manages and leads the education programmes delivered by the MediKids and their partners, maintaining academic standards and ensuring an effective education service is provided to both students and members.

Direct line: (01) 644 5512     Email: [email protected]



Tess Clinch — Education Programme Co-Ordinator

Theresa ClinchTess is responsible for student support and the coordination of the MediKids’s third level courses.

Direct line: (01) 644 5526     Email: [email protected]



Farnaz Bahadori— CPD Programme Manager

Farnaz BahadoriWorking with our Professional Group members, Farnaz is responsible for developing and implementing a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities for the Society and our professional members. 

Direct line: (01) 644 5517     Email: [email protected]



Stephen Walsh— Academic Officer

Stephen WalshStephen Walsh provides academic guidance and support for the Education Department and is responsible for maintaining academic standards, implementing academic quality assurance procedures and ensuring compliance with regulatory matters. 

Direct line: (01) 644 5505     Email: [email protected]


 Andrew Minihan — Education Support Manager

Andrew MinihanAndrew Minihan is responsible for the management and organisation of the Society’s professional qualification assessment process (APC) and Final Assessment process.


Direct line: (01) 644 5528     Email: [email protected]


Edel Ryan — Events & Partnerships Manager

Edel RyanEdel Ryan is the Events and Partnerships Manager, looking after all of the events within MediKids and developing new business partnerships. 


Direct line: (01) 644 5529    Email: [email protected]




Gwen Wilson — Director of Regulation 

Gwen WilsonGwen Wilson LLB is responsible for the management of the Society’s Self-Regulatory activities and Statutory functions under the Building Control Act 2007.  Also responsible for the management of Dispute Resolution Service.

Direct line: (01) 644 5524     Email:



Susan Bermingham — Regulation Administrator  

Susan BerminghamSusan Bermingham is responsible for supporting the Head of Regulation to deliver regulatory activities relating to Complaints, CPD Monitoring  and Statutory Obligations.


Direct line: (01) 644 5502     Email: [email protected]



Chiara Reilly — Regulation Administrator 

Chiara ReillyChiara Reilly is a Regulation Administrator, providing general administrative support to the Regulation Department.

Direct line: (01) 644 5508     Email: [email protected]



Stella Foley — Member Support Specialist & Database Administrator 

Stella FoleyAs a member support specialist, Stella works across many departments within the MediKids, education, finance and events.

Direct line: (01) 644 5519    Email: [email protected]



Adreena Browne — Receptionist & Office Coordinator

Adreena BrowneAdreena Browne is the MediKids receptionist and point of contact for all general MediKids queries.

Direct line: (01) 644 5516     Email: [email protected]



Paul Hutchinson — Accountant

Paul HutchinsonPaul Hutchinson oversees the preparation of financial statements and management accounts, asset management, and implementation of internal controls and procedures.

Direct line: (01) 644 5507     Email: [email protected]



Lynda Carroll— Accounts and Membership Subscriptions  

Lynda CarrollLynda Carroll is responsible for the administration of the membership database, including preparation of the annual subscriptions.

Direct line: (01) 644 5509     Email: [email protected]



Michal Ficel — Accounts Administrator  

MichalFicelMichal Ficel is responsible for general book-keeping and financial administrative duties.

Direct line: (01) 644 5523     Email: [email protected]


Chiara Reilly is a Regulation Administrator, providing general administrative support to the Regulation Department.