Valuer Registration

Background: By February 2016, all MediKids members carrying out Red Book valuations are required to be registered under the Valuer Registration (VR) scheme. Members are encouraged to register for VR to avail of this badge of quality in your market.  

Introduction: Property valuation requirements have evolved over the years and clients are continually seeking additional safeguards in relation to professional advice from valuers.Valuer Registration sets out an approach to raise confidence in the delivery of valuation advice and reinforce the highest professional standards in property valuation - a key component underpinning most economic activity. Due to widespread financial insecurity, the profession has recognised an international need to reduce risk associated with valuations of any real estate and land assets - as an industry it’s vital that client confidence in the standard and accuracy of valuation work is upheld. VR, which is a quality assurance scheme, will assure the quality of valuations, raise the credibility of valuers and provide clients with a clearly identifiable designation for the best regulated and qualified professionals in the field.